Guide: Art Basel Miami Beach

Friends frequently ask, “Can you take us to Art Basel?” 

If you aren’t part of the $80 billion annual Art Industry or a resident of Miami, you probably don’t know much about Art Basel Miami Beach.   Ok, yes, some of you do. kind-of.    Even here in Miami, most friends kinda know that Art Basel is a big deal. It generates a lot of excitement, packs the hotels, and creates huge traffic jams.  But aside from visiting Wynwood Walls and talking selfies, most people don’t know what there is to do.  But there are all sorts of shows, events, parties and happenings;  There is something for  everyone.

“Art Basel Miami” is actually a lot of things  beyond the official Art Basel art fair.   70,000 people will visit the official Art Basel Miami art fair in the new Miami Beach Convention Center this coming week.  But more than a million people will attend at least one of the 22 Satellite Art shows, visit public art installations or private collections and/or party-on through the week at one or more of the hundreds of extravagant parties that collectively are known as Art Week Miami.   There are extreme highbrow events and wide range of creative + provocative + fun things to do.

To help our friends, understand and navigate Art Week Miami, we have assembled a Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Week Miami.

Tomorrow we will publish our list of the 10 things you must do to have an inspirational, fun, and possibly life-changing experience.















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