7 True Stories: Last Night in Mykonos


23 AUGUST 2018


It was day two of XLSIOR. The previous day we baked in the sun on Super Paradise Beach and ended the afternoon at the Jackie O’ Beach Club.  After a bit of rest, at around 1 am, we rode our Quads to Cava Paradiso for XLSIOR’s Revolution Party.   

Mykonos’ landscape is extremely rugged, dry and mostly devoid of greenery.  A factual description of Mykonos’ landscape might make you think it is ugly.  But its not.  It’s a unique extreme landscape with it’s own poetic beauty. With the blue sea, its cloud-free sky, and small white buildings, Mykonos is stunning.  And as the sun sets, you feel like you are in heaven.  

The roads between the beaches of Mykonos are narrow, winding and rough. And there are parts that are extremely steep.  

The Revolution Party was incredible.  We met up with friends and through them, we met other men…mostly sexy Italian men.  It was a night of great energy, some heavy kissing and communal bonding.  Cavo Paradiso is a most beautiful venue.  It has multiple indoor-outdoor terraces which surround a beautifully lit swimming pool. On the outer ring, the Aegean Sea.  It was an incredible and inspired night.  A night of great energy and celebration.

As the sun rose over the Aegean, we knew this was the start of an incredible XLSIOR Week. 

We slept past noon and worked in the afternoon.  At 6 pm we headed out on our quads to the XLSIOR Elia Beach Party.   With our XLSIOR bracelets we skipped the line and walked right in.   Although we were early arrivals, the the party was in full dance mode. We walked around and saw many friends from previous years.  The couple from from Sweden who had visited our place in Miami. The guys from Barcelona who we met a few weeks ago.  The guy from Malta who Alfonso met on the La Demence Cruise and I met previously at Berghain in Berlin.   The London guy who visited us last Spring in Miami and gave us Botox treatments. And of course, our new Italian man-friends.  It was tremendously good to be there.

We had been keeping our eye out for a very good friend from San Francisco.  When we all lived in San Francisco, we never met him.  Later we met in Madrid then Greece, then Miami.  And surprise, he had a beautiful condo just 300 meters from our Miami Beach home.  Later, in Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s, he took us to some amazing private parties.  His friends cover the full  ranges of ages and types, a refreshing attitribute in our world.  He lived the life, but he was real.  Also thoughtful, smart, accomplished and of a generous spirit.   Although we don’t hang out or talk much, He seems to look out for us and sends me uplifting messages at times when I most need them.   

I mention him for two reasons.  He represents the best of  the Party Circuit.  He may have that hot body look, but there is nothing superficial about him.  And two, he is one of few people who let’s me know, he has my back if I am ever in need or in trouble.   We should all strive to be more like that.   We should all seek to empower each other, and not look to take anyone down.

Now, a dozen or so events later, we were looking forward to seeing him again.  We didn’t get to Madrid or Barcelona. But we are all here now in Mykonos.   He told us he was bringing a women friend.  Without hesitation I will welcome any friend of his, and include them.  Its the best lesson I’ve learned from him. As for his female friend, we knew, of course, she would be a goddess and a great person.

As the venue was reaching capacity, we ran into them.   We exchanged hugs and cheek kisses, and then we went full on crazy dancing with the woman.   She was all we expected and more.  A true Goddess, a fun dancer, and a joy to hang with.  We had tremendous fun.


Unlike Cavo Paradiso, this on-the-beach dance enclosure wasn’t really big enough for the tremendously large crowd.  I like space and I move to different areas during an event.  For me, this party was getting too crowded, so Alfonso and I decided to take a break  and walk outside.




We exited the venue and walked down the beach away from the bright lights and lasers of the party.   Hundreds of lounge chairs with their umbrellas still open lined the beach.  While the sky was lit from the full moon, this area was very dark.  The umbrellas blocked the light.    

Sitting on a lounge chair together, we felt like we were in a beautiful new universe.  Although the party was 200 meters away,  it was incredible quiet.    The sea brought quietness and serenity.    We sat in the edge of darkness and  marveled at the reflected light of the full moon on the sea.   

It was beautiful and comfortable.   We felt together and alone in this great space, although we sensed the presence of other men.    We talked and laughed.   We had been on the road together now for 80 days. We reminisced about  the things we did, the people we met, the mistakes we made, the lessons learned and our wonderful daily adventures.  We left our emotional baggage behind before this trip and we were both committed to being present and fully together.

While traveling, we explored our life options, new places to live and new career opportunities.  I started a web blog which evolved to this site.   Alfonso passed his Scoliosis examinations  and started treating people with scoliosis as we traveled.  Together we rediscovered our abilities to create and to accomplish new things.   

We rediscovered each other. Our fifth time here in Mykonos, we were very connected and more together than than ever.   

Together on a lounge chair, the sea at our feet, we hugged and kissed and laughed.  And cried.  

I’m not sure if it was two hours or three. It was timeless.   We had always kept our love intact, but now we were feeling very much “in Love” once more.




At some point we got up, thinking we should head back to the party.    Walking through the maze of lounge chairs we felt a bit disoriented, but in a good way.     At the edge of the beach enclosure, I had to take a leak.  I knew the line at the party for the toilets would be long, so I pull out my cock to take a piss.  We both did.   

While I was shaking off the last drips, an incredible looking young guy appeared.  No words were said.  He just approached, went right down on his knees and put my soft cock fully in his mouth.  

It didn’t stay soft for long.   This beautiful guy, probably in his mid to late twenties, knew what he was doing.  Long slow full length swallows. taking my cock from my balls out to the head and back again.   Making my cock bigger and bigger, he kept at it.  He was hungry.  And he was fully enjoying every inch of my rather massive cock.  Taking every inch, he repositioned so his eyes were connected to my eyes.  He kept working my cock while looking into me, seeing and feeling how I responded.  He read me well. He made he rock hard and huge. And he enjoyed the result. 

With his big bright eyes locked to mine, I could see that he was incredibly beautiful, a  most perfect face.  Perfect hair.   I could feel his happiness, and he was certainly feeling mine.     

Alfonso walked up and pulled out his cock which was already hard. Like mine it is big.   Perhaps not as meaty and thick but strong and long. Very long.  My eyes told the Boy it was ok.  So he reach for my partner’s cock and in one movement, he took it all.   

I hugged Alfonso tight and we kissed while the boy took both of our cocks deep down his throat.  He worked his mouth in a way to pump our cocks while lovingly taking them fully from the head to the balls. Then he’d lick our piss holes and teasingly work his tongue under Afonso’s foreskin.  Then, again and again, he’d ravage us.  Swallowing, slurping, licking, pumping and then wooosh ….. my cum filled his mouth.  And my Alfonso’s cum covered the Boy’s face.

We looked up and realized we had an audience.   Perhaps a dozen guys were watching us.  Several had shot as well.

We pulled the Boy up and he wiped himself and licked his lips.   I held him tight and we kissed deeply.  He asked what we would be doing after the party, so I gave him my number.

“Oh, its a French number, you are certainly not French.”  

I told him that we have an apartment in the Marais.    

He said, “I’m surprised we had not met before.   I am well known in Paris.”    He smiled with pride. 

I knew what he meant.  And he wasn’t referring to his stunning good looks.




We walked back towards the party. But I was feeling hungry.   I assumed there would be a small souvlaki stand around, but on this side of the party there was nothing.   We asked one of the event staff if there was a restaurant nearby and he directed us to a service walkway which led to the far side of the party venue.

It seemed like we exited into a luxury beach resort. Luxury bungalows on the beach.  I didn’t see any signs of a restaurant.

We walked.  A stress-out security guy approached us.  “Are you guests of the Hotel?”, he asked, obviously exhausted trying to keep party-goers from pissing on or having sex on the property.  I replied, “We are looking for the restaurant.” 

Oh, “It’s that way.  He pointed the direction thru the resort property away from the beach. So we walked.   A minute or so later, we saw a very chic and seemingly expensive resort restaurant.  We could see nicely dressed families dining on the terraces.    It wasn’t a souvlaki shack.

Alfonso walked up the steps into the restaurant.  I froze.   I realized just then that we were wearing just skimpy club underwear and sandy club sneakers.  Our PUMP! briefs were designed to accentuate our already impressive  – but spent –  assets.  So you must realize, we were almost naked. 

 We couldn’t. We can’t.  They would never allow us to step foot into a luxury family restaurant like this.   I waited.  Alfonso didn’t quickly return. Perhaps he was ordering take out. 

I walked up the steps and into the restaurant.   My partner was at a table in the midst of the family crowd.  I walked up. I was about to say, “Let’s leave,” but he spoke first, “They said we could sit anywhere.”

I looked around.  I saw there was a empty open-air terrace with no diners. “Perhaps it would be better over there.”  My partner rolled his eyes and then followed me away from the dining families. 

White table clothes, lots of glassware, and fine china. The nicely dressed waitress handed us these oversized fancy menus adorned with gold leaf and  elaborate script.   With a huge smile she asked, “Are you enjoying yourselves here in Mykonos?”

She was obviously enjoying this.  Her radiant smile told me, “Relax, don’t worry, go with it. Have some fun.”   With that my concerns disappeared. This was going to be another beautiful experience.   

But I did need to check.   I had to pull my club wallet out of my shoe to make sure we had the cash to pay for this.  But Alfonso was quicker. He reached deep into his PUMP! briefs and pulled out 200 euros.  He smiled.  

We ate well and fully embraced the experience. 

When we finished, the entire wait staff came to the table. They wished us a joyful XLSIOR.   And then they started singing “Happy Birthday.”  A small cake with candles appeared.  The whole restaurant joined in the singing.    I stood up, made a few “thank you bows” to the crowd and held back my tears.  

Dessert time.

We could see the lights and lasers from the party venue below.   It was time head back or head home.

Alfonso signaled to the wait staff for the check.   The host came over and said, “ I hope you enjoyed your dinner.  No charge.  It was our pleasure.”


I must say, the Greeks are amazing people.  

Outside, we now saw an elaborate stone path which led down to a square which overlooked the party venue.   The path looked easier than the path we took to arrive.

The square  below was busy with families who were enjoying the party music and the elaborate lighting from the XLSIOR Party.    People were swaying to the music. Alfonso grabbed me and we started dancing.    Some ladies clapped with the beat, cheering us.  We motioned with our hands for them to join us. 

And some did.  And then more people started dancing.  Soon everyone was dancing.  Fun dancing, crazy dancing.

Then Gay guys from the XLSIOR Party started joining in.     I heard a guy say, it was too crowded and suffocating inside the party venue. This was much better.

This was AMAZING! 

The outdoor party kept growing.  The energy was incredible.  The local Greeks, the straight tourists, and the Gay guys were having a blast together.   

It was that special thing that I always loved about Mykonos.  

 At some point I needed to stop.   I was exhausted. 

I took a short walk to clear my head and to breath.





As this evening was so special,  I wanted to savor the moment. and reflect on what brought us here.  I walked away from the crowd and onto the beach.

Then I saw, on the bench, in the dark, a guy struggling with another guy.  

It seemed the one guy was having convulsions.  The other guy was struggling to keep him in control, or to keep him awake, or to keep him alive.

I yelled, “Do you need help?”

There was no answer but I immediately ran back to the street crowd and yelled,  “A guy on the beach needs help. Does anyone have medical experience?  Please, they need help.  Alfonso, Alfonso, go to the beach, a guy needs help.”

Then I ran to the XLSOIR Party venue.  I immediately saw a security guy and yelled, “A guy on the beach needs help, please send the medical staff.”      

He called in a message with a code alert and started running with me back to the beach. 

This all happened in about 30 seconds. 

We got back to the bench quickly.  There was now a crowd surrounding the couple.  

A guy who looked like he knew what we was doing, was already taking control of the situation. 

He was holding the guy, lightly slapping him.  Gently shaking him. Asking questions to the guy’s friend.  And taking to the Gay.   “Stay with me.  Look at my eyes.  Can you speak?  What is your name?”

The medical staff arrived almost immediately.  They directed the guy who was helping. Everything was smooth and fast.  They switched places.   A small green lazer light appeared. It look like something was getting attached to the guy’s finger tip. or perhaps it was a needle. 

And then POW!   The guy stood up quickly and smack, he punched the medic hard in the face. The medic fell back, but he got up quickly and grabbed hold just as the guy collapsed again.

The medics were in place.  They were focused. They knew what they were doing.  They were prepared.  They were professional.

They will save the guy.  I knew. I hoped.

I said a little prayer and walked away.  




We were in shock.   We had seen guys over do it at parties before.   The community always comes together to help. To keep the guy awake, to get him hydrated.  This was different.  I am not sure what happen. I only know what I saw.

Alfonso and I  were of the same mind.  We should get back to our suite at Super Paradise Beach before the party ended and things got too crazy on the road.

We took one quad.  And headed back together in the dark.  I navigated.  Alfonso drove.  Up the very steep mountain on this rough windy road.  Lots of turns.  Fortunately  it was mostly clear. Not much traffic.   The bright moon lighted the path.  At the sharp turns we slowed down and beeped the horn.   We looked for lights too know when a car maybe approaching.

But we didn’t see anything.    We turned a corner and wow…. we stoped.  There was an emergency vehicle with very bright lights.  There were police and medical personnel.  The was a car, overturned  and completely smashed.   There was liquid on the road.  Was it water?  Was it gasoline?   There was a body in a bag on the road.   It seems they were still trying to rescue another person or more from the demolished car.

The emergency personnel directed us forward.  We edged between the dead body and the wall.  We continued to move forward slowly as the officer guided us.  As we passed the body was within a foot of me.  

Another twenty feet down, we saw a group of people on the side watching.  We saw cars lined up waiting to pass.  The cars were coming up from Jackie O’‘Beach Club heading to other parts of the island. Now they had to wait.

We kept moving.    It had been 9 years since I last saw a dead body.  It was shocking. I was in shock.




A few minutes later, at the last high curve before the decent down to Super Paradise, we saw fireworks from below.  From the XLSIOR Party at Elia Beach.

The was an opening on the narrow road.  Alfonso pulled over. 

We sat and watched the fireworks. The end of the XLSIOR Elia Beach party.  It was beautiful from above.   Our emotions were raw.   We watched in awe.   We breathed.   We prayed.

We prayed for the guy who was over-dosed earlier.  We hoped, we were sure, he was ok.  

We prayed for the victims in the car accident. 

We prayed for their families. 

We hoped all the guys from the Party would make it home safely.

We thanked God for our own safety and for the love we shared.  

We know we are fortunate.



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