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Paris. City of light. City of art, culture and history.  World capital for fashion.  Host City for the Olympics 2024.   Paris is also a great Gay destination city with numerous nightlife options: Cafe’s, Bars, Clubs, Saunas.  Dance Parties and After Parties.  Dance Parties with dark rooms.  There is no shortage of places to have fun and to meet people.

Paris Olympics  - 1.jpg
Host City for the 2024 Olympics

Gay Neighborhood

For Gay visitors, Le Marias and the Beaubourg neighborhood around the Pompidou Center are the heart of Gay Paris. This is the 4th Arrondissement  (4eme) of Paris which is often viewed as the Gay Neighborhood.  This is where you will find the highest concentration of Gay bars, clubs and sex clubs.   However, Gay bars, saunas, and sex clubs can also be found throughout the city.

 The City of Paris is divided into Twenty Arrondissements,  or “Administrative Districts”.  Each has a unique personality.  The 4eme is commonly viewed as the Gay Arrondissement.   Starting on the 1st of June each summer, the Mairie (“Town Hall”)  of the 4eme is decorated with Rainbow Flags.  Of course the 4eme isn’t all Gay,  it is rather diverse.   The Marie promotes social justice issues around the world. Within the 4eme is Le Marais, a very beautiful historic area.

To the west of Le Marais is the Beaubourg, the Pompidou Center and the Louvre.  One the east side is Place de Voges, and the Bastille.  To the north lies the Place du Republique and the Gay Gbus Club.  At the south side, the BHV Department Stores, the Hotel de Ville (Paris City Hall),  the river La Seine, and Notre Dame.  Le Marais itself is filled with resturants, cafes, designerclothing boutiques, speciality food stores, bookstores, bakeries, artesian ice cream shops, and beautiful historic buildings.  Many visitors Gay and straight consider Le Marais to be the best place to stay in Paris. 

Within the 4eme at the  intersection of Rue Archives and Rue Saint Croix de la Bretonnerie you will find, Open Cafe, a good stating point for almost any Gay male visitor.  Here you will find drinks, good food and a friendly sexy male staff.  Sit at a table outside and watch the parade of sexy men walk by.    Here you can find promotional nightlife magazines and fliers with the latest nightlife happenings.

Gay Cafes and Restaurants

Open Cafe: Sit, relax, see and be seen friendly Gay cafe.  

Cafe Vito: Italian. Eat, drink, and watch the crowd on the street  

Le Ju’:  Friendly Gay bistro adjacent to Cafe Vito. Opens early. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   And meet Le Ju’, the little doggie.


Paris Street Art - 1.jpg
Paris Street Art


Gay Bars

Cox Bar:  On Rue Archives across from Gucci. The street gets packed with Men every evening at Happy Hour  (Popular with Men 30’s – 50’s)

freedj:  Small cozy, chic, cocktail Bar.   It draws a good crowd all ages.  

Raidd Bar:  The Loud Music, Shower Show  + Video Bar (Popular with Younger Guys, 20’s – 30’s)

Bear’s Den:  Popular with Bears of all ages, but usually 40+

El Hombre: Drinking / Disco Bar, Mixed Ages

La Mine:  Hard Drinking Bar with Dark Rooms  (40’s and 50’s)

Quetzal Bar:  Busy Drinking Bar for Men (40’s and 50’s)

One Way: Casual and Comfortable Bar for Leather Daddies and their Admirers

Entre Deux Eaus:  Nude, Neighborhood bar at Oberkampf   (Guys from the neighborhood all stand around naked)


Sex Bars / Clubs

Full Metal :  Underground Sex Rooms with a friendly Bar.  Say hello to our sexy friend Nico.

Secteur X: Underground Sex Rooms with a friendly Bar. Directly across the street from Full Metal

Le Bunker: Sex Club with a Bar.  Popular with Paris Guys, young and older. Nightly Parties

Impact Bar: Nude Cruising Bar. Frequent events

Le Keller:  Hardcore Leather + SM Club

Mench Club (formerly Glove): For SM/Fist Amateurs 


Dance / Sex Clubs

Le Depot:  Younger, ethnically mixed dance and sex club.  Poplar with Gay visitors


Dance Clubs

Gibus Club Paris:  Gay Parties most weekends.   Thursday thru Sunday.  Hard  Dance / House Music.   Check the schedule. 

Gibus “Under” Afterparty on Sunday Mornings and big Gay Dance Party events.   Dark room.  Just off Place de Republique.    Hard Party Dance Crowd . 

Gibus Menergy:  Mixed/ Alternative Younger Gay Crowd


Gay Saunas

Le Bains d”Odessa: Historic, hamman-style Gay sex sauna and bath house.   A  real gem.  Friendly staff.   Great place to get a Massage.  Hot tubs, pools, steam, sex rooms.  All ages. (30’s – 60’s) 

Sun City:  Popular Gay sauna adjacent to Le Depot.  Many Gay visitors.   Youngish (20’s to 40’s) crowd.

IDM Sauna:   Gay Sex Sauna.  Gym, hot tub, pool, Friendly Staff.   Say hello to Stephen.  Attractive manly (20’s – 50’s) crowd.

Key West Sauna:  Gay Sauna near Gare du Nord. Popular just after work with Paris men


Gay Gyms

Gym Louvre:  Great place to work out and/or have sex.  The first floor is a Gay gym  popular with Paris’s muscle boys. The lower floor is a Sex club.  Work out, build muscle and/or get off.  Day, week, and monthly passes.  Popular with Gay male visitors all ages. 


Book Stores

Les Mots a la Bouche:   Classic, Gay-oriented Book Store on Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnarie.  A Gay-treasure.  Beautiful books.  Friendly staff.  

Le Gai Rossignol;  Gay sex book store 



21 June | Music Festival | Gay Welcoming | Paris

Fête de la Musique: Music everywhere in Paris. From the performing art institutes to the streets. One of the most special times to be in Paris

29 June 2019  | Pride Celebration | LGBTQ+ | Paris

Marche des Fiertes /Gay Pride Parade Paris:  Its Fun and not so Commercial.   Great parties throughout the weekend

14 July | National Holiday | Gay Welcoming | Paris

Bastille Day: Parades, Fireworks and Special Gay Parties

29 – 31 December | Circuit Parties | Gay Men | Paris

Matinee Winter Festival Paris


Gay Parties

Matinee “Scream” Paris: Frequent Gay parties by the Matinee Group for the young beautiful and fabulous.  Party names include: La Leche!, Pervert, Matinee, Scream



Bear Drop Party: Not just for Bears. Its a hot, sexy Gay man crowd

PAPA Party World Tour: Eliad Cohen brings his to Paris several times a year

Forever Tel Aviv Paris Party

The SAFADO  “The Week” Paris Party

WE Party Paris


The Gay Bus to La Demence

There is an inexpensive Gay Bus to an from La Demence in Brussels for its major events as well as its monthly parties.  Book the bus thru the La Demence Web site.


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