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Know Yourself | Know Your Expectations


The Questions

The first question I’d ask a Client is Why do you want to travel?   What are your hopes for this trip?

Or I’d ask my client to describe to me their perfect vacation.

Of course, I’ll need to know if they are traveling alone?  With a old friend or someone they know well?  Or with a new friend who they don’t know so well?   And if its a new boyfriend or potential boyfriend, what are the expectations?  What are the rules?

If they traveling with the hopes of meeting a guy to hag out with or a potential boyfriend, I ask them to describe that person.

And I’d want to know if they like to be relatively independent or part of a group?

Do they prefer small groups?   Or do they love large crowds? And how does the other Guy feel about that?

I’ll ask what’s important to them?  Do they require luxury and comfort? Or do they prefer more casual surroundings?   Do they need everything pre-palnned?  Or do they want a more open schedule with time and flexibility to discover their surrounds and to meet people.

And then I need to know their budget. And how much they actually can afford to spend.



By know I already know a lot.   I’ll know if my client whats to just relax, do something exciting, impress a potential partner, or have a life changing experience.

I’ll know if the clients has reasonable expectations regarding the budget.

I’ll know, as is too often is the case, if the client has contradictory objectives.

I’ll have a good sense of where thew client is likely to fit in and have a good time.

I’ll know if the client is too much a perfectionist or has such concrete expectations that is will be impossible for him to have a good time.




Single, Wishes to Meet Men & Make Friends, Not Comfortable in Huge Crowds

A small group tour, a active adventure tour, a sailing cruise or a river boat cruise.    The choice depending upon their need for luxury,  their interests, and their physical capabilities

Single and Independent Seeking to a Different Culture

Focus on a single destination, and get to know it well.  London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Madrid , Athens, Isreal and Istanbul are ideal if  interested in western Culture.  Africa or Asia if seeking something different.

Likes Large Crowds and Self Expression…. and they go to Dance Clubs:

Travel to a circuit festivals or book a cruise on one of the several cruises know for dance parties.  Select the Circuit event or cruise based on the best for their age, looks, and personality

If they are are looking to be physically active and healthy, I’d recommend a Gay Bike Riding or Multi-Sport Tour.

If they socialize well in big groups, I’d choose a cruise or festival with the Men that most prefer and most comfortably  associate

If they are looking for a spiritual awakening, I’d suggest a spiritual quest or or a yoga retreat.  Or possibly a volunteer service trip to place where their assistance can really make a difference.

If they have the time and wish to learn a language or a certain subject, I’d find the right Study abroad program

If they wish to consider retirement options, I’d suggest they consider taking a vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs, Maspalomas, Puerto Vallarta, or Porto.  Each has a large Gay retirement community, good health programs, and relatively low costs.

If they seek a low cost Gay destination, I may recommend Maspalomas,  Fort Lauderdale or Thailand.

If they require perfection, and they have a big budget there are many options.  If not, I’d suggest they need to reevaluate they desire to travel



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